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Real Wood Flooring

Authentic, naturally durable, and warm

Real wood flooring immediately adds character and a sense of prestige to any room within your home. Real wood provides an authentic, naturally durable, and warm underfoot feeling that will last for decades.

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Find the best value wood flooring that fits your needs with free impartial expert advice.

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Don’t waste money by over-ordering wood floor. Our free home measure service makes sure you only order what you need.

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Free no obligation quotations provided for your new flooring with no hidden extras or additional fees.

If you’re considering Real Wood Flooring for your home, get in touch with us at Monarch and we’ll help guide you through the options available.

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Kahrs Oak Pearl Grey Plank Floor
Kahrs Oak Loft White Plank Floor
Kahrs Foloi Floor

Sustainable, durable and luxurious wood flooring

We supply wood flooring from manufacturers who source their timber from sustainably harvested wood. Specially selected timber provides a natural durability and a beautiful range of colours and textures are available for the ultimate in luxury flooring.

See for yourself, get a feel for the real thing in our showroom.

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The Benefits of Choosing Real Wood Flooring

Below are just some of the benefits of choosing Real wood flooring.

Premium Look and Feel – Although some modern floors can come close, nothing truly captures the connection to nature like a real wood floor.

Durable – Naturally hard wearing – real wood stands the test of time even in the busiest of environments.

Eco-Friendly – Sourced from sustainably harvested wood, real wood flooring is surprisingly friendly to the environment when compared to other flooring.

Long Lifespan – Real wood flooring can last up to 50-80 Years. The surface of the flooring can be sanded and re-finished multiple times bringing back the ‘new’ feel to old flooring without needing to replace.

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Kahrs Dublin Floor
Kahrs Dublin Floor

Make a statement with a bold design

With a wide range of styles and designs available, real wood flooring allows you to achieve the desired aesthetic for your home.

Professional Installation by Expert Fitters

Real wood flooring requires correct installation. With the correct sub-floor preparation and expert fitting, your real wood floor will last longer.

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Pre-Installation Inspection

Our expert fitters carry out pre-installation tests to the subfloor prior to installation.

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Sub Floor Surface Preparation

With the correct sub-floor preparation and proper fitting, your real wood floor will last longer and look better.

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Moisture Testing of Sub Floor Surface

Excess moisture is detrimental when installing real wood floor. Pre installation tests will highlight any issues.

Our expert fitters ensure all preliminary tests to the subfloor are carried out prior to installation, and your new real wood flooring is installed properly.

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Solid wood or Engineered?

Real wood flooring is available in two different forms, solid wood and engineered, both have their own advantages detailed below. Arrange a free consultation with us and we will discuss each type of flooring with you, and advise what option is best for your floor.

Solid Wood

Solid Wood Flooring

Each plank of solid wood flooring is machined from one solid piece of timber. Looked after correctly, solid wood flooring will last for decades. As wear starts to show over time, solid wood floors be re-finished to bring back their original surface appearance.

Engineered Wood

Engineered Wood

Engineered wood floors consist of layers of different wood fused together. The top layer of wood is the solid decorative layer called the veneer. This is sandwiched on top of a durable base to add rigidity and strength whilst saving cost and without sacrificing the finish.

Expert Fitting Service

Our highly skilled, experienced fitters will install your new Real wood flooring.

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Laminate Flooring Installation shutterstock_1512689903

We only supply trusted, quality brands

We work closely with the leading real wood flooring manufacturers. We only supply high quality wood flooring so you can rest assured your floor will stand up to the test even in the busiest of households.


Real Wood Flooring Installations Gallery

See a selection of the previously installed wood floor for our customer within the Rugby area.

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