Design Trends 2017


Warm and luxurious

Shining metals like copper and brass, rich fabrics like velour and satin; and warm colours like terracotta, creamy white, aubergine and deep green give a particularly warm and luxurious feel. The beige carpet Module 44 from the new Layers collection fits this perfectly. With its subtle, changing nuances it takes on a different look with different incidences of light. Even if you live in an apartment in the city you can create an atmosphere as opulent as that of a country estate or castle. Classic designs such as a herringbone pattern, checked and floral motifs and elegant furniture will complete the look. A few fringes or a curtain tie-back here and there will give you a result that is as refined as it is cosy.

Graphics and vintage

If you live in a vibrant, bustling city, you need your home base to be calm. Opt for black and white graphics combined with warm grey and brown tones for a timeless, light and spacious effect. The slender and organic forms of ever-popular mid-20th century furniture by great designers such as Charles and Ray Eames - true design classics - will fit this look perfectly. Create excitement by using a variety of different materials, textures, curved and straight lines. A cosy, soft carpet with a subtle and playful graphic design, such as Canvas Design 90 from the new Layers collection, works wonderfully with vintage furniture in natural wood and shiny plastic, with the carpet providing a light and lively base. Design objects made from transparent glass, textured ceramics and wire will provide the finishing touches.

Eye candy

Sweet pastel tones, watery blue and plenty of white: great for a sweet, inviting and fresh interior. It will make you feel optimistic and positive; and inside your house it will feel like Spring all year round, especially when you add the light-blue Canvas 07 carpet from the new Layers collection, which is reminiscent of a clear blue sky dotted here and there with little fluffy clouds. Tartan accessories and cushions with a trendy dégradé colour scheme or a soft waffle relief design will enhance the soft atmosphere. Nostalgic furniture items such as a rocking chair and a collection of your favourite glassware would also fit this dream-like scene perfectly.

Pure nature

Scandinavian style has been immensely popular for some time now. Simple wooden furniture, natural colours and slender forms also create a pleasant, peaceful and timeless atmosphere and can be combined with almost anything. So you can make it as rugged or as refined as you wish with robust, rough forms and materials or with fabrics in grey tones, subtle designs and a light shine. The beige-creamy white Module Design 33 carpet from the new Layers collection has both a slightly ethnic and a warm, well-loved appearance. Choose accessories in natural materials such as rattan, linen, wool, ceramic and glass. Add a few leafy green plants and your ode to Mother Nature is complete.

Worldly and Exotic

Create a warm and exciting interior with treasured finds from different continents, ethnic prints and exotic colours. Create a hint of tropical rainforest or sweltering Savannah in your home. Deep, full colours such as brick red, moss green and indigo blue - currently a big trend - will bring warmth and depth. As will the somewhat whimsical Vista Design 29 carpet from the new Layers collection, with its well-loved and lively look. Natural materials, exotic succulents and cactuses will enhance this style’s relaxed holiday atmosphere. Experiment with bold statements such as an entirely black wall alongside a busy patterned wallpaper. The ‘less is more’ era is most certainly over: decoration is the new magic word!